Panel Board

Electronic Control, Appliance, Chokes & Switchgears

Main Distribution Panel Double Busbar System Power Control Center (PCC)
Motor Control Center (MCC) Instrumentation Panel MCC/PCC Panel
Growbag Machine Control Panel Retrofitted Control Panel Preventive Maintenance H.T. Panel
Control and Relay Panel 33 KV Panel Relay Control Panel & RTCC Panel
11 KV/33 KV VCB Panels Control Desk APFC Panel
Instument & Mimic Panel A.M.F. Panel A.M.F (Auto Mains Failure) Panel
Synchronizing Panel (DG Angles) Metering Cum Sys Panel Feeder Piller
Feeder Pillar (Item Code: MEM-08) L T Bus Duct (Item Code: MEM-02) Soft Starter Panel
Meter Panel Purged Panel PLC Panel
AC / DC Drive Panels D G Synchonization and Load Sharin Panels (Item Code: MEM-07) Cable Tray
Maintenance of L.T and H.T    

Diverse Products that Cater to Your Every Need

At Venus Engineering Works, we constantly endeavor to improve the quality of products that we have supplied in the past. However, this is only possible if we as a company are open to new innovations and technologies. By staying true to what we deliver the best, we have added new products to our list.

Outstanding Electric Controls in the City

One of our best-selling products is control panels which display control and monitoring instruments. We are also considered among the best electronic control manufacturers in Kolkata. Our state-of the –art electronic control panels help in monitoring and controlling production line and are used to great effect in nuclear power plants, aircrafts, ships and on land. We have employed the option for touch screens to make monitoring and controlling easier.

The Best Choice for Electronic Appliances and Chokes in Kolkata

We are also among the best electronic appliance manufacturers in Kolkata. Our premium appliances that we manufacture are exported to various companies. Our high-precision and electronic appliances compete with the best in the industry and are readily available.

When we were informed of our standing as one of the best electronic choke manufacturers in Kolkata, we were not surprised, for good reason. Our electronic chokes, composed of thick insulated wires, are not too bulky to handle and are quite resistant as compared to other chokes in the market. With the added advantage of saving electricity, our electronic chokes also consume very little energy.

Looking for switchgears?

We also specialize in manufacturing switchgears, making us a preferred choice as a reliable switchgear manufacturer in Kolkata. Our switchgears which are used for heavy operations and ensure smooth functioning when controlling, protecting and isolating electrical equipment. Our high voltage switch gears can be used with voltages up to 1000 kV.

We are also considered a good circuit breakers panel manufacturer in Kolkata. Since circuit breaker panels are considered the main point of distribution for electrical circuits, we ensure that they are manufactured to meet all your expectations. We also install mounted breakers which can be snapped into place with relative ease. Depending on your requirement, we have circuit breaker panels of varying frequencies.

Our specialization in circuit breakers has also made us a recommended circuit breaker manufacturer in Kolkata. Our circuit breakers protect electrical circuits from any damage that might occur. They can be set manually or automatically, as per the requirement. We manufacture circuit breakers in varying sizes, catering mainly to big industrial firms.

Despite our expertise in manufacturing a whole range of products, we ultimately specialize in making our customers happy.